Why Henry for Mayor?

Henry isn’t a career politician or a partisan member of the council. Henry has worked since high school to help support his family.


Why Henry for Racine Mayor

Why Henry for Racine?

Henry isn’t a career politician or a partisan council member, and Henry has worked since high school to help support his family. While he has been an alderman since 2013, he did this to serve those in his district. While serving as an alderman, Henry has continued to work in the school system, helping youth succeed.

One of the biggest and most fundamental challenges facing the city of Racine today is violent and property crime. Racine is Wisconsin’s 14th most dangerous city (out of 806). Crime and safety are on the minds of many residents when we see such headlines as:


This is not an exhaustive list, but it shows you the hurt, fear, and devastation caused by crime. Crime also has impacts beyond the offense itself; it drives people and businesses from our city. Investors don’t want to invest in a city with a high crime rate, and businesses don’t want to open up shops. Racine can’t be a great place to live when crime can flourish and offenders aren’t held accountable.

Henry has the solution. Using his 40 years of law enforcement and security background, Henry will deploy a strategic plan that addresses the issues that cause crime, such as poverty, a lack of youth activities, family violence, and lack of resources, while partnering with the community to address these and other areas such as lack of family support and child abuse and neglect.

Everyone deserves to be safe and secure in their homes and their city. A vote for Henry Perez is a vote for the safety of your family, home, and property.

Henry is an Independent Thinker

Henry is an independent thinker. He thinks for himself and considers information from different viewpoints when making decisions. Unlike candidates who are former party politicians, no political party or corporate donor influences Henry or tells him what to say, think, or do. He’s truly a man of the people.

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Join Henry on the Facebook page “Henry Perez for Mayor of Racine” and support changing this community that is literally at a crossroads. Henry can be contacted at perezforracine@gmail.com

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